New Fishing Spots

Ive spent the last three years fishing the same few beaches for sharks.  They do produce amazing catches, and you usually dont leave there with out a catch, especially at night!  Since this is the case they have gotten even more popular in the last year.  Ive decided this spring im going exploring.  Other area beaches must have sharks along them.  I am looking forward to comparing my catch ratio, from my usual fishing spots to the new ones I plan to explore!  From Sarasota to Naples I plan to travel around checking out some new spots I think would be amazing for shark fishing!

Last night I got a jump start on my spring sharking adventure!  We set out to hit a private access beach in englewood but we arrived to less than favorable conditions being the time of year and the tide being all the way up on the rocks.  We quickly regrouped and decided to head north to Venice.  Remember its important to check all local park rules before planning your trip at night.  Some local beaches have a locking gate and require you to buy a yearly pass to stay after hours!   We arrived just as the sun was going down and set up quickly so we could get baits in the water before dark!


As we kayaked out baits we noticed a VERY deep area right between two sandbars, this looked like a great place to drop our baits!  Whole Mullet and Grouper carcass was the bait of choice tonight.  As we sat watching the sunset, I noticed all the bait along the shore line and regretted not bringing my snook pole when I saw the size of thread fins right along the beach!  It looked pretty alive out there, but would there be a hungry shark swimming around the area?  Fishing a new spot is nerve racking because you never really know!  At about 8pm I got my answer.   I was trying to amuse myself and not pay much attention to the rods Ive been sitting in front of all night.   As I walk back down towards the rods my purple avet 80w went off!

I knew it wasn’t a monster fish rather quickly but it was a fish on my line at a new spot!  Success!  After a quick fight I was greeted by Mr Blacktip shark!  He was healthy and full of spunk!  He was hooked in the corner of the mouth with a 16/0 VMC circle hook.  These hooks were introduced to me by our friend Barry and they have been so successful!  Im curious if they can hold up to the BIG bull sharks this spring!  I really love them so far!   He was also caught on wire leader.


IMG_0600Successfully dehooked & released we sent him on his way!  As we reeled up our other line for the evening we noticed we missed a run while handling the other shark down the beach. This shark ate the mullet right up to the hook and didnt pull much drag, but good signs for things to come at this location!  Im working on video footage from this trip but its not the greatest due to us ONLY having headlamps and no other light source with us.  Sometimes the spontaneous trips are the best and dont be scared to try new locations in your area.

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